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Curtain up!!!

Lights…Camera….Action, Let me tell you……Bellevue Society for the arts opened their season with their production of “A funny Thing Happened On The Way t the Forum. Music by the one and only Stephen Sondheim.

I always enjoy seeing friends old and new on stage, giving their all to entertain the audience. SOme of the audience perhaps wanna be critics (yes I admit I am one), some very hard to please. From experience I know that when the audience reacts to your antics on stage it motivates and encourages you to give more. So sometimes a tired and unimpressed audience makes for a slow-moving performance.

In this production we see many familiar faces running around stage. Jimy Foreman once again has made me sooo jealous of his skills, he (although fighting a terrible cold,) performed amazingly as Pseudolus, his comedic timing was on point. he carried himself with confidence on the stage and that showed. Heidi Sarvis-Sapp as Hysterium was just perfect. I enjoy watching Heidi and her many faces, it amazes me that even though in teh back row of the theatre I can still see her face and how she emotes. Even when she has no lines, when she says nothing her face and eyes say everything. Of course every good show has to have that one person… who breaks the mold ( and as far as i know, did not break character this time…) Aaron Lee Stewart as Gymnasium, what can I say….. easily the tallest person on stage due to the like I don’t know 8 inch heels!!!!!

All the cast was amazing, I enjoyed every minute. If you want to have a great laugh and feel at home with friends you take with you. If you want to see a show that you will be talking about for weeks to come! Then go see “A Funny Thing Happened on teh way to the Forum.” LAURA HORN I did not forget you, but again super job directing and encouraging the cast.



Reading and Reading

So I just spent a week or so reading this most amazing book. It took a wee while cos well, you know life….

The book is called “The Brave art of motherhood” and the author is Rachel Marie Martin.  She has a blog also. you simply have to check out her blog and also get yourself the book. you can also go to and read the first chapter.

Now I may not be the coolest mum, I know for a fact I am not one of these mums that i look at and compare myself too. you know the ones, the ones that have it all together, the perfect family, and the “homes and garden tv show ready home. the well-behaved kids, and of course perhaps a substantial amount of money in the bank.  As i read this book, and read the story Rachel shared, which was at some points heart wrenching and raw. She told her own story, about the trials she and her family had to go through to get to where she is now.

I always knew being a mum was not going to be easy, after reading some of the events Rachel had been through i looked at my own life, I looked at the me being the “mask” I sometimes though, well wow glad that was not me…..I look at teh other mums I compare myself too and sometimes wish, why can’t I have that? through reading the book and learning about why i hide behind the mask, why it feels normal to me I am reminded not of what I don’t have but what I DO HAVE.

All mums out there should grab a copy of this book, this may be the only book i do not offer to lend out to someone….. I have learned so much from the book, I have decided it is time to remove the mask…soon….. you have to make that decision, not excuses….make teh decision to move forward, reach those goals, pursue the dreams and don’t let excuses (especially invalid ones) hold you back….I have already made several goals…..Soon perhaps a new me, a new active me, a stable and mentally healthy me will emerge. Just like the phoenix a new and beautiful creature will arise.

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The Bridge to……

13445637_10154027868536928_584595396125599636_nStanding alone on the bridge,

looking down at the fast moving flow.

I see a reflection not familiar to me,

a face forlorn and sad, a face I don’t know.


Eyes that look deep, searching for hope,

looking back at me, crying out for help.

The sadness cries out from the deep pit within,

help may come in the form of that rope.


I throw the rope down,and reach out a hand.

Holding on tight, trying to climb up from the deep,

Hand over hand, but so weak from the grief.

hand over hand, reaching up, reaching up.


Close to the top, almost out of the mire

freedom will soon be mine

just one more reach, push that hand higher.

BUT WAIT, what i I can’t?………. I let go of the rope

Back to the deep dark pit, where it feels like me

Not your mothers lemonade

Who knew!? when life hands you lemons….add a few more healthy items and BAM you can have a delicious refreshing meal…or a radical facial. not only can you still eat the lemons, but you can add them to you daily skin care routine!

Just getting a few different items from teh store and I can become a SUPERFOOD hero….Did you know that you can protect your face from radicals just by using a tomato face mask……

Sometimes I did not know whether to put on my skin or indulge in a tasty treat! I admit this is an amazing book….

got it from

The wheel, it goes round

So. I’m not the most eloquent at speaking especially in prayer. So I was happy to read this book and find a better way or rather a way that could help my prayer life become stronger. I have to admit I did not find the book easy to read, it was well written. However, it felt a little unusual to use this prayer wheel. It seemed like something I would do if I was trying to creat magic or connecting with another realm. It was interesting to read about the history of the prayer wheel.  Perhaps that’s why it felt rather medieval. I would recommend reading with discernment.

Ready set and BAKE

LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I’m so excited to try all the amazing recipe’s. The photographs just made me so hungry. Some of the recipes just blow my mind!!! So long normal cupcakes!!!! Hello BLUE RIBBON!

I got the book from

Ready…..set….. BAKE

LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I’m so excited to try all the amazing recipe’s. The photographs just made me so hungry. Some of the recipes just blow my mind!!! So long normal cupcakes!!!! Hello BLUE RIBBON!